Why did I start my own page?
환자와의 소통
I needed close communication with my patients
They still ask me " DO you do the esthetic rhinoplasty? or only reconstructinve surgery?
I always say that there is no boundary.
Every single secondary cases are different from the surface surgeries. Rhinoplasty means the actual operation dealing with the nasal framework.
Esthetics without function is meaningless
I could not catch up the enthusiastic patients because of the short consulting timelimit. The capacity of my outpatient clinic has the time limit. So here we can share the information of my operation and you can ask me.
Patients today really study hard for their own issue, so it is getting more complicated to get the right source of textbook wise truth from the advertisement. There are so many different opinions and so many different propaganda. Patietns are gettingtired of the flood of flaws.
Yes we , the board certified plastic surgeons, have and share evidence based scientific operations. Yes the plastic surgeries are very new and dependent on the individual doctors.
Asian rhinoplasty is totally different from that of western rhinoplasty.

So it is not so importatnt who has been published or not.

Here I set up the my own philosophy about the Asian Septorhinoplasty and my evidences that I learn form the patients for more than 20 years. My personal space.
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